Our commitment is to provide Chicagoans, who already love burgers and fries, a family friendly restaurant that serves great tasting high quality and healthy organic food at an affordable price.

Our Food

Our beef is organic, 100% grass fed which means fewer calories, lower cholesterol and lower saturated fat.

4x vitamin E and higher CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) to lower risk of cancer and heart disease.

CLA also decreases body fat and creates leaner muscle.

We make our BBQ sauce, aioli, salad dressings, soups and Indie Sauce from scratch with organic ingredients.

We fry in rice bran oil for more vitamins and antioxidants.

Sodas sweetened with cane sugar or agave nectar.

Baked items are made exclusively for Indie Burger by Biondillo Bakery, a local organic bakery.

Our Farms

We work with local farms whenever possible. Currently our beef comes from Black Wing Meats in Antioch IL.

Black Wing pasture raises our Piedmontese cows and, over the last 45 days, supplement their diet with organic alfalfa, snow peas, flax and barley increasing the CLAs and balancing the Omega 3s and 6s. Basically, our beef tastes amazing and is also really good for you.

We only work with farms that raise cattle and poultry humanely.

Our farms provide us with organic, free range chicken.

Our Space

Reclaimed barn wood from Minnesota.

Old church pews from the south side of Chicago.

Reclaimed dining tables and counter top.

Chairs from recycled soda bottles.

Eco-friendly cleaning supplies and recycled paper towels.

Our restrooms feature the eco-friendly Dyson Airblade, significantly reducing paper waste.

We compost and recycle to create a virtually zero-waste restaurant.







For more detailed information about the benefits of grass fed beef please visit: